Sunday, August 05, 2007


On Friday Guruji presided over the first led primary series class. I knew this because when I showed up at the shala for the second class the first was almost over and you could hear Guruji's quick count and unique way of saying "SIX!!!" like he's catching it before it flies away, and, of course, "YEIGHT" and "LEBBEN."

The other thing I noticed when I pulled up was C-stands everywhere.

Inside, it was hot, stinky and unusually bright; they were doing another movie shoot.

There was no announcement or form to sign.

Guruji led the chant for our class and brought us through most of the standing poses before losing his energy. Then Sharath took over.

This, plus a total lack of sleep the previous night, me very sad indeed.

After breakfast and a bucket bath I was in quite a mood -- plus I had a deadline to meet, which only made things worse.

I was heading out the back gate -- funny how the guys at the hotel always open it for male guests, but rarely for me -- which I had opened myself when my foot got smashed between the gate and kickstand.

It (my foot) hurt stung like hell, and it looked kind of dented.

But I had a deadline to meet.

So I went down the street, did my writing, and got on with my day.

Everything was fine until evening.

Then the foot swelled up and began to throb with pain.

I started to limp like an old humplimpett, and began to bid adieu to the next day's planned excursion to Kodagu - which would have entailed a lot of walking.

On the way to dinner, I stopped at the pharmacist and told him what had happened.

He gave me two tablets and told me they were anti-inflammatory and pain killer-in-one. He said to take one in the evening and one in the morning.

"And after that?" I asked.

"You will not need anything."

I took the tablets as prescribed, and iced my foot before going to sleep.

The next day it was like it had never happened, and the trip to Coorg -- and Abbi Falls and the mouth of the Kaveri River -- was on.

Many photos were taken and will be posted... as soon as I download them and find an open USB port.

Although I did hear today that the Mysore Mandala in (nearby) Lakshmipuram now has Wifi.

Ah, India.