Monday, July 07, 2008


I. am. so. tired.

Thousands were there to see Amma last night in her glitzy Devi Bhava getup, where she becomes the embodiment of the Holy Mother and "celebrates the feminine aspect of God and God's unconditional love and compassion for all humanity."

Thousands got in line to see her.

Our little group drew the number H3, which at first seemed quite reasonable.

But the line moved slowly; less than one letter per hour.

A couple of friends gave up at 11:30PM.

I stuck it out.

When darshan (the hug) finally took place after 2AM, all exhaustion disappeared.

Some highlights from the weekend:

-We had good "seats" on the floor last night; when Amma made her entrance I was able to touch her hand. Zing!

-I could be mistaken, but I swear that Amma was wearing rudraksha beads. Take that, all of you who told me "Ladies don't wear rudraksha."

-Both night's programs included a spiritual talk and meditation. Inhale: Amma. Exhale: Om. At Devi Bhava we also were given holy water.

-The South Indian dinner was excellent and all-you-can-eat - and cost just $7.50.

-One of Amma's newest charities aims to help prevent farmer suicides, an epidemic that's plaguing rural India.

-Every hour or so a new bhajan band sat down and played. As the night wore on, one became more tired - and more convinced that some of the singing was off-key.

-The disciples who guide you into the proper space just before the hug ask that you wipe any excess oil off your face with a tissue. New (for me) this year: The Kleenex wrangler now wears a white cotton purse-sling-holster that holds a box of tissue and has a special pocket for used ones.

-If you hold out your mala (prayer beads) a certain way, Amma will bless it and place it over your head.

-One of Amma's disciples is a dead ringer for Ben Stiller.

Make that an enlightened Ben Stiller, all in white.

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  1. I like Amma too and she does wear rudraksha beads. Ladies can wear rudraksha beads except on days when nature is at work. I wear rudraksha beads too and have found it beneficial too.