Tuesday, July 15, 2008


That's what someone said to me the other day.

"It's so easy for you."

They were referring to how *easy* it is for me to go to India.

Of course I resembled that remark. "It's not easy," I protested.

The person who made the comment has a "real" job, with a real income, and benefits, and a mortgage, and a spouse, and teaches yoga part-time. It would seem easy for them.

Until you realize that their spouse is not well, and they *have* to keep the day job.

As for me, well --

It's easy in that I have a ten-year visa and all of my shots.

The things that are not easy:

-Having no job security (not only did the health club director not get back to me on Tuesday - the day she said she'd give me a verdict about whether I'd have any classes when I returned - but another director is being rather coy about whether she'll have work for me when I get back)

-Not having health insurance. (At least in India I can afford a dentist vist and mammogram - which helps offset the price of the trip).

-Losing up to 1/2 your income for a month in Mysore that's more likely to result in dysentery than authorization.

-Not having that special someone to pay the bills, get the mail, feed the cat, pay the rent when I'm gone... and drive me to the airport.

Everything has a price.

What have *you* given up for the thing your gut says you have to do?


As Matt says, there's no lock on the cubicle door.

Anyone can leave, whenever they want.

You just have to make the leap.


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM


    To make the India trip easier on your wallet, I will take care of your food, drinks and accommodations while you are in Germany.


  2. Bob, you are so kind. Thank you.
    I wasn't begging. Really.
    I'm OK for the trip; I just have to figure out what to do once I get home. xo

  3. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Just wanted to thank you for taking the leaps of faith that inspire me. I have taken leaps lately, like giving notice at my job, and subbing your class. Things that make me a bit queezy. But I know they are the moves that are taking me on this journey. I also know that I would be less likely to take them with out your inspiring presence. I am very grateful to be your student, and learn from you. So please know your sacrifices to follow your heart and convictions move others to do the same. My experience of this lifetime is greatly improved because of your commitments. And I am sure I am not the only one to feel this way.


  4. "Anyone can leave, whenever they want.

    You just have to make the leap."

    love that....

    cara, I know you a little bit from Chicago Yoga Center. I study at KYM in Chennai. and you're right -- I lept to India, alone, when I was 51 and had never been overseas in my life before. I've been to Chennai 3X already, and am planning my 4th trip.

    be safe....

    by the way, the two places where you're not sure if you'll have a job when you get back -- they suck. I'm going to blogroll you and write about your post....

  5. Lorena,
    You are so kind.
    Thank you!