Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Here, mosquito nets are not a necessity but an accessory. Not that I don't love Rubin's - which is in the building where I did my first teacher training (and still teach).

The transition home has been interesting. For the first several days back I itched all over, and it was difficult to sleep. Then the allergies kicked in, and it was difficult to be awake. All the while I was dealing with jetlag and trying to unpack and remember where I put my old cell phone, since the Razr expired at the airport (I found it in a box marked "Phones"). Then there was the car problem to deal with. And Kirby's disappointment with being torn away from his fabulous new family (he hid under the bed for two days, which he's never done before). And there were the calls to the various phone/cable/internet companies, to find out if I should switch providers (bad idea). Then there was the credit card bill that never came in the mail when I was gone, and hence was never paid (something like this happens on each and every trip), and the fruitless attempt to void the late fee and finance charge (they no longer will do this, regardless of your past record), and now the gas bill that never came and went unpaid. And then there were the deadlines (all met). And the cold weather with no heat in the house and the head cold that came with it (the heat has kicked in, now that the temperature's warmed up).

What held it all together was seeing friends (everyone wants to see you in the first week or so, before the novelty wears off) and practicing yoga (boy, has the body gone downhill) and teaching (for the first time in seven weeks I actually felt useful).

After the wonderful Paulie Zink workshop this weekend, the pace is slowing down and things are becoming familiar again... which means I'm about to go out of town - to NYC for graduation from Dharma Mittra's teacher training.

Halloween in Chicago isn't the same as Germany; here it's about boxes of stuff at Stanley's. Not that I don't love Stanley's - which recently got a new sign.

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  1. Culture shock for me, too.
    It is too cold here. Even though I would say that we have a perfect fall, but the weather in India was better.

    At the beginning of November I will be a week in Istanbul/Turkey. That's something.

    Greetings from Munich