Sunday, October 05, 2008


Those of you who've been wanting to take a Dharma Mittra class at a reasonable time, here's your chance. I'm teaching a new Dharma Mittra class today (and every Sunday) from 10-11:30 at the Chicago Yoga Center. It's Level I-III and is less strenuous / more meditative than ashtanga - yet can be just as challenging. It opens up the hips, shoulders and upper back like nothing else. I've found that it actually helps my ashtanga practice. To learn more about Dharma, read my 2005 article here.

Monkey kung fu master and Yin yoga founder Paulie Zink is in town doing a workshop this weekend. He's the teacher of Paul Grilley (who spent a year studying with him), who is in turn the teacher of Sarah Powers. Grilley learned only Yin yoga from Paulie, whose Taoist Yoga actually combines both Yin and Yang aspects (ie; you're not merely sitting around in hip-opening poses for five minutes at a time). Paulie has been teaching for over 30 years and is AMAZING; despite being a kung fu master, he's totally humble - just like a real yogi. His yoga is playful, and based on the movements of animals in nature. The last segment of his workshop is today from 2-6 at the Chicago Yoga Center. Please come; no prerequisite is required. If you already practiced today, you'll be fine. Read my article about Paulie here.

Both Dharma and Paulie will appear next March at the Yoga Journal Conference in Lake Geneva, WI.


  1. much yoga, so little time....if I wasn't doing Phoenix Rising yoga therapy training next weekend at Moksha, would have gone to Paulie Zink's weekend.....

  2. I loved your article about Master Zink. Not much is written about him. Really amazing and humorous person, he seems to be.

  3. paulg8:53 PM

    It was the most boring seminar I ever attended.