Friday, April 10, 2009


That's what Catesy calls Krishna Das, who will lead kirtan tomorrow night (April 11) at the Irish American Heritage Center.

He may look like Eric Clapton, but sound-wise he reminds me of Nick Cave.

Kirtan is call-and-response devotional chanting. It is a form of bhakti yoga - considered by many to be one of the easier paths to enlightenment. Dharma Mittra recommends singing to the lord to curb overeating.

Kirtan also helps cure a litany of other ills - including obsessive thoughts - and unleashes a sense of inner bliss.

Unless the kirtan-wallah really sucks - and KD is the best, hands down - it's hard to leave feeling worse than when you came in.

Ticket info here.


  1. Just when I am hating India the most you post something that reminds me that the people and ideas and practices of India are worthwhile. The little things can get me down, (like the smell of poo from someone else's sewage system) but these things are fleeting.

    I realize it is easier to love India from afar but I appreciate the positive posts even when I am feeling bitter.

  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I like to call Krishna Das "Krishana Das", or perhaps "The Kirtan Wallah With the Most Atrocious Pronunciation in the History of Man".

  3. I hear Clapton's Sanskrit ain't that good either.