Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This sad little tableau, snapped today on the back porch, pretty much sums up the current attitude regarding the new digs.

This despite the fact that the yoga room is like a little corner of heaven, with Lord Shiva at the helm.....

.....Even though Kirby's room lights up like a flame in the afternoon sun.....

....Even though The Longest Hallway in the World finally has pictures on the walls....

....Even with Lord Ganesh in the phone-hole....

....It still doesn't feel like home.


  1. Does the slum-lord ride that thing?

    Seriously, the place looks great, and the real issue is the heat, so next year be sure he turns it up.

    Relax, summer is coming.

  2. Your apartment is just so beautiful. Sucks that you're too cold...

  3. Oh dear!
    How can it not feel like home with all those tender coconuts nearby? Is it what Dreyfuss says, the heat? Maybe you need to let the landlord know that it is a deal breaker.

    Or is it something else?
    Is NYC calling you?

    Wherever you are will be home to me. xo

  4. I just love that pink dash on your sunny window ... how I miss practicing on the hardwood floor ... I am sending heat your way from Mysore.

  5. Just because it's pretty on the outside....

    doesn't mean it's warm.

    ....Or that each degree of heat hasn't been fought for tooth and nail.

    One's energy is better spent on more important things.