Saturday, May 02, 2009


I asked no fewer than 25 female friends to see this afternoon's screening of Sita Sings the Blues at the Gene Sikel Film Center.

Seven actually responded.

One of them had already seen it online.

Two said they definitely couldn't make it.

Four said they'd come.

Only one actually made it - and even brought along two of her sons.

We had tea afterwords (she = mate latte; me = white coconut soy bubble tea. boys = flabread pizza) and talked for a long, long time.

* * * .

The beautifully animated feature weaves together the story of Sita and Ram (from the Ramayana*) with the breakup of filmmaker Nina Paley's marriage. You can learn more about it here.

The music is wonderful; much of it is by forgotten jazz great Annette Hanshaw, and the rest is original.

The artwork is also stunning.

And lucky you, there are several more screenings at the Gene Shalit, as we like to call it.

Or you can watch it online here. Right now. For free.

That's all.


*Paley's favorite version of The Ramayana is by Aubrey Menen. It's banned in India. There's a wonderful Q&A with Paley - who is from Champaign, Illinois - here.


  1. Anonymous1:47 AM

    I love the Gene Shalit! Nice to see you there. JD

  2. I wish I could watch it right now but the baby is sleeping in our hotel room. I will have to see it in the morning.

    Sita is one of my heroes.

    I want to read the banned version. Yeah.