Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I see the Puck Building every time I travel from P-Slope to Dharma's, and get off the F train to switch to the 6 at Bleecker Street.

And every time I see it I think of Pattabhi Jois's 2000 workshop there, and feel a little bit sad.

* * *


On Friday night we went to our friend Michael's 40th birthday party in Cobble Hill (Brooklyn).

On the way there we stopped by the opening for Kai's new restaurant, Watty & Meg. The place is charming, and the turnout was excellent. And, it turns out, our friend Michael sells them their wine.

On Saturday I met the family in Chelsea for a wonderful lunch and a visit to the flea market-in-a-garage.

And on Sunday night Catesy and I went to see Paul Goodman's latest off-Broadway hit, Rooms: the Musical. Sadly it was closing night. But the cast (all two of them) was spot-on. The female lead, Leslie Kritzer, is supposed to be the next big star on Broadway; they recorded the soundtrack today, by the way.

* * *


Today Dharma was in fine form.

Among other things he showed the noon class how to do his famous hands-free headstand, step-by-step (if you want to know, come to class).

This was followed, later, by partner yoga.

My mind and body were not in fine form (the back hurt, and the mind was not calm), so I begged off.

Maybe next time....

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