Sunday, June 20, 2010


On Saturday I went to visit Mr. and Mrs. Dreyfus in my old hometown.

Dreyfus was displaying the Danish flag, since Danmark was playing Cameroon in the World Cup that day (and we are Danish, among other things). Before I arrived, a neighbor came over and asked him what the flag represented and why it was there.

I was rooting for Cameroon of course. Their goalie wore purple. Purple! And they had orange shoes. And they were from the host continent. (The last World Cup game I saw was in 2006, with Matrika at the bar at the Southern Star in Mysore. Everyone else was drinking beer. We ordered chocolate cake and fresh lime soda. How odd to think that I am unlikely to ever go back there again).

After the game, Mrs. Dreyfus came home from work, and we made our way to the local watering hole, where $11 gets you a 14-inch pizza and pitcher of beer (and where, just a few months ago, $10 got you a 16-inch pizza and pitcher of beer). I only had a thimble of the beer, which seemed to be the drink of choice. There were over 25 TVs in the bar - and each seemed to be showing a different program. No wonder America has Attention Deficit Disorder.

Some locals were there, too.

(At first I laughed at this shirt.... but then I realized... it wasn't ironic. The gentleman left alone of course. Bitches can read nowadays).

I shouldn't have had any of the excellent pizza - even if a little mozzarella is OK - because later we sat outside, drinking in the fresh country air....

....and had an impromptu photo session.

The cats love the camera, too.....

....only they were smart enough to eat after the photo op.

All photos by Dreyfus (c) 2010


  1. How I loved that the neighbor came over to ask about the flag. And that poor guy who had his heart broken by some powerful woman (read bitch). You have got to love Americans! They wear their hearts on their sleeves.

    I can say this because I am an American.
    Albeit an expat.
    Who wears her heart,
    in pieces,
    on her sleeves.

  2. Great pictures. I have the impression as if you had a lively afternoon.....:)

  3. Looks enjoyable. Just remove the pool cover before jumping in!

  4. QE - I love that you have compassion for the man with the t-shirt.

    Yes, Ursula and T-Lo, it was fun - but not the pizza part. UGH. A little mozzarella is OK. A lot of mozzarella makes you feel terrible (Dreyfus said even he couldn't sleep that night).

  5. may i ask why no more trips to mysore?

  6. and the kitty photos are soo cute, nothing like having furry friends around ; )

  7. Those are good pics! Let's do it again soon?

  8. エスタ - Because I was made to feel very unwelcome there the last time I went, in 2008. To be treated rudely and as if I were a total stranger - to be misled, again and again - after eight years of steady study and relationship-building - is enough to alienate even me. I came to the conclusion (again) that I need a kind, compassionate teacher who exhibits the qualities that I want to cultivate in myself - not the ones I want to minimize or eradicate. The Yamas are important.

    Plus, Sri Pattabhi Jois passed. He was the magnet pulling me there.

  9. Ah that's a shame, i went in 2006/7 and was lucky to practice with Sri Pattabhi Jois, it was wonderful the next year he wasn't teaching, would be nice to have a guru, or at least a regular teacher. gets a bit confusing on your own, but sometimes learning the hard way, by yourself makes for some interesting lessons ; )

  10. Well, not everyone receives the same treatment I did. Some are welcomed. And some, like me, are welcomed for awhile and then treated like they don't belong.