Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ahimsa (non-harming) also applies to the insects

Dharma says the Indweller or Atman is the same in all living beings - even the insects.

He often quotes the Buddha, who said that all beings love life.

Dharma says they are just like us, and want to be left alone to raise a family.

(Hopefully, not in your kitchen).

Now, we have actual proof - from this "News Sparker" in Thursday's Star of Mysore newspaper:


Washington: Scientists from from University of Debrecen have revealed that bugs may all look alike to human eyes, but they have their own, unique personalities. Some individual bugs, like humans, turn out to be shy, while others are very forceful. Boldness, activeness, and aggressiveness are the main personality traits that were measured as these bugs connect to each other and appear together.

Think about that the next time you decide to kill one....

If you're a real yogi, you'll realize you'd only be killing yourSelf.


  1. thank you CK...wonderfully, true post!

  2. unfortunately we kill tons of organisms accidently every day. the jains try the hardest but still...
    and how do you direct the ants out of your house without killing them?

  3. You ask them to leave.

  4. don't work. ants aren't reasonable & they travel in packs of hundreds

  5. And roaches are unreasonably repulsive...

  6. Your friends at LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. It is truly beautiful. Thank You.

  7. Hmmm, sweet, I have an insect of sorts in my bedroom, has been there for two days, or maybe three now, I have given him or her water and lettuce, which he drank and ate till he was full. I have began to look at him closely, it looks like some kind of a grass hopper. Anyway, it seems sick, does not move around much, so I am waiting for it to recuperate before I take him out on the backyard. The interesting thing is that I have began to talk to it too... I know... weird, I kind of like him. Will blog about him :-) His name is Flippy by the way.

  8. Claudia - I love this story. Thank you for sharing it.

    What if you put him outside.... so if he's dying he can do it in peace?

  9. this subject is endless. i never kill animals unless i have no choice. and i always feel bad about it if i have to do it.
    when it floods in my house (the foundation is bad) it brings hundreds of ants into my house. asking them to leave is not a possibility. they bite. they take over. they breed. it sucks.
    same with rats, roaches, mozzies....hate to kill them but what can you do?

    i truly wish it were that easy as to just ask them to get lost.

  10. Hi, I just did, he is outside now, i am sure he will be better there... sad parting, but all in the natural order...

  11. I'm glad to hear it, Claudia!

    I take a bath almost every night and must rinse it beforehand (because that's where Kirby's water dish is kept; he likes to drink with his foot and make a mess). But I have to check carefully for the insects before swishing the water around. Otherwise many minutes are devoted to rescue efforts.

    Boodi- You should have seen how many cockroaches I had during Dharma's teacher training. There were even a couple of albinos.....I actually got teary when they disappeared.

  12. Anonymous7:15 PM

    You can direct ants out of your house by leaving a cut-open lemon or suger packet outside, making them follow the smell.