Monday, October 24, 2011


We are close to Diwali (Wednesday) and the Hindu New Year (Thursday). Today is Dhan Trayodashi (the 13th day after the new moon of Dasara) and is the day to perform a puja to Lakshmi (the goddess of spiritual and material wealth) and purchase metal items such as Lakshmi and Ganesh coins and murthis (statues) to insure wealth in the upcoming year.

Aarti is a ceremony in which light and bhajans (hymns) are offered to the deity.

This video is a virtual aarti.

And it kicks off this year's Diwali or Deepavali celebration.

While the story behind Deepavali and the manner of celebration varies from region to region (festive fireworks, worship, lights, sharing of sweets), the essence is the same – to rejoice in the Inner Light (Atman) or the underlying Reality of all things (Brahman).

Jai Ma!

Om Namah Shivay!

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