Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Photo

This little gem is located at the Sears store on Lawrence Avenue. You can really drive up and have a key made. Not only that, but the gentleman inside knows keys inside and out (and easily copied the bent and torn mail key that the lady at the hardware store refused to touch).


  1. Isn't that funny? I found a badly bent key this morning and have no idea how it happened. And the car in the photo is almost an exact match for my Subaru. Isn't that a strange coincidence?

    I just saw yesterday's quote. It strikes me a month of fasting and solitude could be "like killing a bug with a sledgehammer," as the guy who trained me in grad school would say. You'd have to be really disciplined, motivated, and prepared to be able to stick to it and make it work, wouldn't you?

  2. I think that Swami Sivanada is referring to renunciates in a later stage of sadhana (after mastering the other seven limbs).

    For those living in the world and pursuing the path of yoga, the Bhagavad-Gita stresses moderation.

    "(Success in) Yoga is not for him who eats too much or too little—nor, O Arjuna, for him who sleeps too much or too little. 16

    "To him who is temperate in eating and recreation, in his effort for work, and in sleep and wakefulness, Yoga becomes the destroyer of misery."

  3. Well, that makes sense now. Presumably someone who's mastered 7 of the 8 limbs has acquired the necessary experience to take on a project like that.

    Moderation is not something that's really valued in our culture. Americans are encouraged to eat too much, work long hours at their jobs to the exclusion of everything else to "get ahead", buy expensive products they don't need, etc.