Monday, August 20, 2012

Airport Yoga

Nothing passes the time like Dharma Yoga Level IV with pranayama and svadhyaya.

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  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    You are brave (or dedicated)! That is one scuzzy-looking airport carpet.

  2. I did not notice.

    I do however have great respect for yoga in awkward spaces. Somehow the benefit is even greater than in a dedicated yoga place.

    (My other favorite thing at the airport is the chapel. The one in Albany actually has a meditation room. And I've heard that San Francisco has a yoga room!).

  3. I checked out the SFO yoga room. It's within steps of TSA security, but worlds apart. Just keep your shoes off, and head on in. Wonderfully, the icon/symbol for the room is a figure in padmasana, or thereabouts.

  4. There's a yoga club at my office that's met every lunch hour for years in a conference room to put on a video.