Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vedanta on TCM

TCM had a Tyrone Power festival yesterday. Among the films they showed was The Razor's Edge.

I'd seen the film a few times, although not in awhile, and each time it makes more sense. *This* time it was clear that Tyrone Power's Indian guru is urging him on the path of Vedanta, or Jnana Yoga, and that Power achieves God-realization before being sent back into the world.

The scene with the guru is loosely based on Somerset Maugham's encounter with the great jnani Ramana Maharshi. Read Maugham's account here.

Click here to learn more about the four main paths of yoga.

Back home, Power's old friends have had their primary attachments ripped away form them, and they're miserable (no backup light!). They find Powers to be content, yet aloof.

Watch the whole film here.

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  1. Kali Om,
    Excellent Post!!!

    I first ‘read’ The Razor’s Edge when I was in middle school -- I was NOT ready!!! Thirty years later, it was a much better read. Today it is still a good read.

    Thanks for the links.
    Ralph from DeKalb