Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Quote

"One great thing to be considered is kripa (divine grace). The breeze of His grace is always blowing. Only unfurl your sails and you will have it. How can you catch the breeze if you keep your sails furled? Hoist them now and do not delay any longer. Give up your desires for worldly enjoyments, your hankering for name and fame, and fully resign yourself to the Lord. It is quite impossible to enjoy worldly pleasures and at the same time realise God. You cannot serve both God and mammon at the same time. If you want to realise God, you must renounce worldly pleasures. If, on the other hand, you desire to enjoy temporal pleasures, you will have to give up God. Do not keep your feet in two boats, as they say. If you do, you will only make yourself miserable. You must have a clear conception of your life’s ideal. Decide now what life you want to lead. Should it be this fleeting life of transient pleasures or the everlasting life of eternal bliss?"

-Swami Brahmananda


  1. This is a hard quote to follow:
    “You must have a clear conception of your life’s ideal.”

    I feel that my ‘Destiny’ is never quite clear. Just when I think I have my ‘ideal’s’, the Universe nudges me in a new direction. I am still wandering in the Labyrinth; not sure if I’m moving toward the Center, or attempting to find my way out.

    Ralph from DeKalb

  2. RHH--Someone always keeps moving my cheese (you remember that book?). ;)

    Speaking as a former don't want to unfurl the sails all the way and put up the genoa when the wind's really strong unless you'd like an unplanned swim. Wonder if a similar analogy applies here (something to ponder I guess).