Monday, January 13, 2020

The Morning Assertion

The Morning Assertion
By Robert Adams

"As soon as you open your eyes, what do you think about? You think about food, you think about your day, you think about work, you think about money, you think about friends, relationships, but you do not think about your mind being a projection of all the things that happen. Therefore, you have to think about the right things in the morning, as soon as you awaken. Don’t wait.

"As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, you have to say to yourself, "I feel and realize and understand that everything, everything (say ‘everything’ twice) is a projection of my mind.” Think about what that means. "I feel that, I understand that everything is a projection of my mind.” Then you may think about any problems, if you have any and you say to yourself, "If everything is a projection of my mind, where do these problems come from?” You then realize, “Why, they came from me. I projected them, I created them.” Then you say, “Who is this I that created them?” Now you are getting to the meaty part, to the substance. “Who is the I that created all this illusion in my life? Where did the I come from? Who gave it birth? My mind. Where did my mind came from? The I? They are both the same. The I and my mind, are the same.” It’s a revelation. You think along these lines. "Where did the mind-I come from?”and "To whom does it come?” You follow it deep, deep, within yourself, and if you do it correctly, you will realize there is no I. There is no mind, so there are no problems. It will be over, and you will start laughing. You will actually start laughing at yourself. Once you get in that consciousness, something will happen to actually physically relieve you of that problem, or what you think is a problem.

"As long as you believe in your mind that there is a problem, whether it is little or big does not matter, they are both the same, as long as you believe you have a problem, you will have a problem and it will grow and you cannot change it. It may appear that you change it, but it turns into something else of a worse nature when you try to work with the problem itself. You never try to work with the problem, but ask where the problem came from? That’s the problem. The birth is the problem. Because you believe you were born, you have the problem, and you can go on and on and on.

"That’s how you work with it. “I feel, I understand, that everything, everything, is a projection, a manifestation of my mind. Whose mind? My mind. Whose mind? My mind. Who am I? Who has this problem?” And as you ask yourself this question, you will begin to feel better and better and better. You will actually begin to feel better, and as you begin to feel better, the problem becomes less and less important, and it will vanish. This is great psychotherapy. It works. If psychiatrists gave this to patients, they would not have to give them any drugs."

from The Silence of the Heart

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