Thursday, January 15, 2004

I've done a 180 mood-wise, haven't I. I met up w/ my girls after yesterday's pissy blog-post and had lunch w/ X; the three of us have been hanging out all day. They are so sweet/funny and we rarely get a chance to hang out in Chicago because we're all busy teaching, etc. Y and I just got ripped off -- happily. She bought a *wild* beaded top for kirtan and I got a magenta and maroon bedspread thingy, which will make my cell seem like home (and make my home seem more like India). I got the guy down to half of what he was asking (to $18... BTW, the dollar SUCKS right now).... The sun and sea aren't so bad, if you wear long sleeves and take it slow. Also my first yoga practice -- primary only -- was divine. I woke up at 5 AM queasy w/ one of my famous headaches and wasn't even sure I should practice. At 6 Y knocked on my door (she's in the next room, a double) and we chatted and had some EmergenC and it was all good and I went to practice anyway and sweated out whatever it was. I can't say how much I love the yoga. And Lino (the teacher), well -- suffice to say I took my first workshop w/ him in Chicago after my dad got sick in '99 and I was out of my mind, etc. and he' s a really intuitive teacher -- compassionate w/o playing favorites or being sickening/sweet, knows just what you need, and has been my favorite out-of-town teacher ever since. After class Y and I sat down for tender coconuts (coconut juice; they hack off the top and stick a purple straw in it) and then we argued w/ a shopkeeper about prices (Y is a recovering actuary) on fruit, batteries, etc. and cleaned up (no hot water) and went to breakfast at the German Bakery, where you can watch the sea while you eat -- front row seats, the wind in your hair -- but watch out for the crows because they'll steal your food if you're not looking. I had ginger-laden chai and a protein bomb (eggs -- bad for yoga, good for fatigue) and the headache became a distant memory.

So it is breezy, warm, sunny -- kind of perfect if that's yr thing. The room is fine (albeit small) and we are all in the same lodge and it all seems to be falling in to place. X really knows her way around -- we ate at Lonely PLanet last night (healthy food, next to a rice paddy that's home to a turkey) which reminded me of two years ago.. only it's much nicer to eat w/ a galpal..... Of course by tomorrow or even in a few minutes I could do another 180. India magnfies everything -- even when you're on the beach (still have not dipped more than a couple of toes into the water).

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