Thursday, January 29, 2004


I was all primed to take the bus to town to buy some sh*t in Trivandrum today but I was *so hot* when I finally got to the stand I didn't feel like waiting and ended up weasling out and taking a rickshaw. The wallah gave me a good deal, drove me exactly where I wanted to go (round trip) and did not try to change the fare (tre unusual). His name was Ali and he was surprised that I'd heard of Nusrat Fatu Ali Khan. Anyway I found the sandalwood carving artists by the temple, where i bought stuff last time 'round, and all they had was overpriced Ganeshes (elephant head god) and I was not in the mood. I chatted for a half hour w/ the main artist and *left w/o buying anything.* I've finally gotten past shop-asana pose (or so I think).

Lino was handing out poses like candy this morning -- to me anyway. I had a relatively strong practice due to much sleeping yesterday......My new yoga poses are:
Bakasana A and B
Ardha Matsyendrasana
Eka Pada Sirsasana

The last involves putting your foot behind your head and going into a sitting forward bend....

I'm tre exhausted, big yoga day tomorrow (full vinyasa yoga, meaning many more sun salutations than usual) plus travel. After talking to Lino we're not taking a train from Bangalore to Mysore but a hired car. Much less stressful....If all goes as planned (ha) at this time manana I'll be at my home away from home, the Kaveri Lodge.

Word on the street is that the singles issue of Today's Chicago Woman has hit the's making a *huge* splash here.

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