Monday, January 26, 2004


I woke up w/ a headache this am. It vexed me throughout my practice and made me so nauseous that more than once I thought I was going to toss it. Somehow I didn't lose it though (what would I throw up into? My rug?) and after Advil, coconuts and water, during my protein bomb breakfast, the thing somehow went into remission. I have decided it's due to one or all of the following: 1). side effects from parasite meds, 2. Dehydration, 3). Kapotasana, the pose (backbend) I'm working on, in which my head moves in a way it never has before (like this only my hands are miles from my feet), or 4). the intense heat and near 100% humidity. Pick one.... In any case the flower show has been postponed til tomrrow, which is a good thing since the museum we were also going to check out is closed on Mondays PLUS it's Republic Day (big holiday). So today may invovle going down to the deserted beach that has better beach chairs and waiters, where the boys are going. Over breakfast the FC and I kind of traded witty (or so we thought) repartee w/ W, Miss Y and and a male Swede.... we learned that Sweden has the highest suicide rate because of no sun. He also had the lowdown on The Scream by Howard Dean, ugh. Breakfast is the best.

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