Tuesday, November 16, 2004


As the tooth became less painful, the rest of the body picked up the action and now it aches like crazy. A couple of spots -- both shoulders, some ribs, and the breastbone -- really hurt like hell. The chin is sore of course, especially when I smile (which seems to be often). Also I accidentally whacked it with the pillow last night and saw red. But that did not stop me from teaching two classes today (I also took two naps). I lacked the throne but like Bikram Himself I talked people through their practices (well I did a bit of adjusting this evening). But no demonstrating. Anytime my head goes below my heart it throbs like a bad Viennese discotheque. Maybe there will be an asana practice later this week. And I am EXHAUSTED, like, ALL THE TIME. A good excuse to watch one of the Bollywood fillums Bindi loaned me before leaving for Mumbai, but I have yet to pop one in. I must do it. And soon.

I cleared up the insurance thing this morning. If they're telling the truth, there's a 31-day grace period and I'm covered. We'll see about that. One thing that's certain is that they will not cover the broken molar.

I feel dirty, since I haven't been able to brush my teeth or wash my face properly (I don't want to accidentally hit the molar, and the washcloth thing just doesn't do it for me). I haven't shampooed my hair for fear of getting the wound wet. So I tried to clean up before a trip to the dentist but no matter what they always look at me like I'm a pariah anyway. They revealed that for about $800 I could get something called an onlay (sounds like a Beck EP) that would fill in the missing chunk of tooth *and* the filling that's there. I've been so desensitized to cost because of the cat-thing that I didn't even flinch when they showed me the figure. Instead I thought, What a bargain -- it's under $1,000! And they've worked on me before and did a stellar job so of course I said yes. They drilled and and then put on a "temporary" while I listened to Steve Dahl (to whom I hope to teach yoga one day). Again it was nice to sit back and do nothing. Later when the novacaine wore off the mouth/tooth throbbed like crazy. Must remember to take something before bed.

Oh yeah, Certain Cats are again having trouble urinating, despite my protestations that it's my turn to be the invalid. To be invalid. Invalidated. I've not dated in three weeks....

I wonder whose vet bill will be higher.

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