Thursday, November 11, 2004


Yesterday I spoke to the nice vet, who said Certain Cats were doing better and could come home that very afternoon, after a bath... But that they were monitoring his urine output and I'd have to, too. When I queried him about whether Kirby was urinating "like normal" the answer was vague; they weren't sure if he was completely unblocked. Later, when I picked him up (treatment plus antibiotics and special catfood somehow cost *less* than the estimate), the attendant said and he had held his pee all day and was urinating when she opened the cage. He stopped midstream, so she pressed on his bladder and helped him finish.. but she didn't know whether that meant he was normal or not. She said that he jumped into the cat carrier (that's a new one). When I got him home I let him out at the base of the stairs and he flew up to the top. When I got to the top I saw him on his hind legs, stretched to his full height and working the doorknob to my apartment with his front paws. The genius still smelled like pee though.

After getting inside he disappeared for awhile, then sniffed around to see that everything was where he'd left it. That was followed by a lot of grooming and lap-purring.

There are little wet spots in the litterbox and today he threw up a hairball (which I have yet to clean up), so I know things are back to normal.

OK, you can kill me now.. I'm 40 and writing posts ABOUT MY CAT.... Unless I fall on my sword first.

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