Sunday, November 28, 2004

two steps for-or-ward, six steps back. six steps back.

Mercury went into retrograde on Friday and that was the day I lost my watch at the Fancy Health Club (nope I didn't buy anything that day). That was after class. Before class I wacked myself -- hard -- in the chin, and saw red. On Saturday my computer crashed, and all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't help Norton put it back together again.

I'm writing this from Add's house since the iMac is still out of commission. It's at the Computer Man's house. On the phone he said he'd have it up and running first thing Mon morn -- just what I wanted to hear. Later he changed his tune (duh, he's a guy) and said there's a 50-50 chance he can recover what's on the hard drive. And Bad Lady doesn't back up, does she....

Now the yoga....On Thursday I practiced through Navasana (with full closing, in order to heal the sore nerve in my tooth and hopefully avoid a you-know-what -- you should have seen the look on the dentist's face when I asked if standing on my head would help heal the thing). In the middle of it the doorbell rang and as usual I thought, "What the hell," but answered it anyway. It was the mail carrier (on Thanksgiving!) and she had a package containing the EcoMat from Scotland, which I've been dying to try. It's desgined by some Edinburgh yoga teachers and is all natural, PVC-free and made of rubber and jute. I put it down and used it and it was non-slip (because of the jute) and was as dense and firm as The Black Mat and weighed the same as a regular sticky mat (ie it's superlight). It didn't slide around the floor, either. I've used it every day since and am ready to commit. Now, if only I could extend that attitude to other areas of my life.....

To learn more about the best yoga mat ever, go to You can order it stateside via

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  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Is the Jute just like a jute rug? I hate jute rugs because something about them makes me itch... but they are generally not smooth. Just wondering... -- Julie (