Monday, August 07, 2006


The following is by my dear friend Queen Elyssia. She's in India for the first time, visiting her husband's family in Mumbai:

I love
cool clean marble floors on my feet
balconies over busy streets
rickshaws and elephants
the many colors of the saris in the alleys
and of garbage on the seashore
bags made of newspaper
men holding hands
3 dollar meals
and lemon water at the end
to wash.

I hate
your endless car horns
and the way your men stare
the bars on the balconies
the rates at hotels for non-resident indians
the architecture
and crumbling, molding cement buildings everywhere.
Your ocean side does not smell like the sea."

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  1. Big trouble for 2 US syrup pushers>

    NEW DELHI : Several Indian state governments have introduced partial bans on the sale of Pepsi and Coca- Cola soft drinks, after an environmental watchdog said it had found high levels of pesticide in their products.