Wednesday, August 09, 2006


In my 27 July post I recounted an inane conversation I had with a health club supervisor after I'd been terminated for being out of town for 90 days (when in fact I'd been gone for just 45).

After much research I learnt that my name had disappeared from the computer because it had been eight weeks since I'd punched in. I agreed to be rehired, in order to keep the class, and last Wednesday I filled out all of the requisite paperwork. Then I went home and waited to find out what my new employee number would be, so I could punch in.

In the meantime, in good faith, I've taught two classes "off the clock." The supervisor said he'd put those hours on my next paycheck.

Now this supervisor is on personal leave. So I called the paperwork person today -- to find out what my employee number is, so I can punch in like a *real* employee. But she confessed that she's still sitting on my paperwork. For a week, nothing has happened! Apparently the supervisor told her he'd completed a Request for Rehire Form two weeks ago. Now it turns out this never happened. So she is waiting to hear back from corporate HQ about the form. In the meantime I'm slated to teach tomorrow. I have no employee number and it would be my third class without punching in.

Yet I promised myself I would only teach two classes off the clock. I'd told myself I could do two "volunteer" classes that I may or may not get paid for. But not three.

For the record I've done this type of "not punching in and being paid later" BS at other places, and it has ALWAYS resulted in months of attempts to get them to pay me. Chasing down the pay inevitably turns into a part-time job, and I already have plenty of those.

To complicate things, some friends are getting married during the class tomorrow night. I couldn't find a sub to cover the class. Now I'm flirting with the idea of simply not showing up.

But that would be bad karma, wouldn't it?


  1. drefuss' biggest fan2:41 PM

    Your friends are getting married during the class? Seems like that would be disruptive to the other students. I say teach the class and hope that they do the right thing for their own karma's sake.

  2. Those jerks need to get a helping of their own 'bad' karma.

    If you already made up your mind you wouldn't do a 3rd class, why the heck are you putting this guilt trip on yourself?
    You made the call, now stick with it, dammit!

    And if they give you crap about paying you for the 2 classes you taught anyway, - well,
    I know wome people in the
    Illinois dept. of Labor, and believe me, they love this kind of crap, and they will make those cock suckers miserable, as they will want to look at ALL employment files.

    Just say the word, and the dime will drop.

  3. Here is the web page of the dept of labor

  4. don't waste your time over there. they don't deserve your stellar teaching skills anyhow.
    god how i hate health clubs.

  5. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Sore point with me as an artist when you wrote, “I've taught two classes "off the clock.".” Never show, play or teach without a contract or money upfront. The money makers are always making money off of us while we are always showing “good faith” (Ahimsa) as we try to get our cash in the aftermath. Gig for free for friends, non-profits or souls who probably can’t afford your fees anyway.

  6. Yeah just to add my pennorth worth.. I am booked for a 'gig' in formentera (|) and after months of skilful negotiations and explicit terms (me getting a fixed rate to teach a weeks yoga and board, food and a stipend toward flight) I am now getting.... NADA... as apparently the kind lady taking the %k or so my students are bringing 'can't afford it'

    And neither can i but on goodwill and a vague hope that KARMA will be my friend, am going...

    stupid or wat? hope your wellxxx