Tuesday, August 29, 2006


On Saturday my editor-friend and I braved the Dan Ryan construction and drove 175 blocks to visit the south side's new-ish vegan fast-food restaurant. Yes, vegan. It wasn't all that fast, though. But it was definitely food. And good food at that.

A goth girl and her boyfriend were filling up on chili cheese fries, as was a couple with a baby. Like a pair of lab minkeys we smelled theirs and immediately ordered some for ourselves; quite satisfying. We also gorged on tacos, veggie burgers, and chick-less nuggets. Michael Chiklis Nuggets. Eeeew! When we asked the nice young people running the place -- which is a franchise and hosts monthly vegan meet-ups (meat-ups, ha) and weekly movies -- how the food was made, we were told it comes from a "facility." When I asked where this "facility" is located, I was told that all fast food places have them, even McDonald's. Uh, OK. Although we topped our giant meal off with a couple of massive pieces of cake (sugar is vegan, so it was OK), neither of us felt sick or fell into a food coma.

In fact we had so much energy we drove away from Mt. Greenwood via a hilly, winding road -- unheard of in the square, flat gray grid that is Chicago -- called Longwood Drive. The street was lined with tall trees with huge yards and mansions on one side, and regular homes on the other.

We wound up at my friend Carly's cute little yoga studio on 103rd in Beverly, where she has the ultimate reminder for all of us -- especially male ashtangis -- painted on the wall.

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