Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Caca began studying yoga in Tibet with Yogeswarar Rama Mohana Brahmacharya in the 1920's. After spending the next two decades meditating in a cave, she began teaching in 1941. Her students have included David and Andy Williams, George Michael, Stephen Hawking, Indra Devi, Maria Callas, Steve McQueen, Kamil Ataturk and Georg Fuerstein, to name just a few.

She's been making annual trips to Mysore to study with her beloved guruji, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, since 1943 and has completed all 11 series of the ashtanga vinyasa system -- including the five secret ones they never discuss with westerners. She holds advanced degrees in anatomy, psychology, physical therapy and Eastern Studies and is fluent in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Farsi and Gibberish. She's held lucrative intensives, retreats and teacher training programs on six of the seven continents and has scaled Everest in her bare feet.


*Ever notice how many yoga teachers pad their resumes? Satya, my arse.


  1. I hear rumors that the former speaker of the house, Denny Hastert, is going to start teaching yoga, yoga for fat asses.
    He sure has padded a bunch of stuff,
    including & notwithstanding his rear end.

  2. Anonymous5:25 PM

    ever notice how many yoga teachers dont practice, yet continue to teach?

  3. Satya payback is a bitch.

    Last year I made the mistake of telling the director of one of the studios where I teach that I did not feel advanced enough to teach mysore classes if they needed a sub. This faux pas in satya has cost me; he took this to mean I can only teach an intro class. I really can teach a led primary thank you very much.... I know the vinyasas and the typical David Swenson adjustments (and some others), can count in Sanskrit up to 17 for sun salutation b, say "inhale" and "exhale" in an Indian accent (just kidding)... the whole 9 yards... and I certainly can teach a less advanced class up to navasana and then go into finishing.... but OPPS I was too honest about not wanting to teach a mysore class in which people might be doing asanas beyond my experience - so here I am stuck with the "moola bundha is..." classes.

    Now I have learned that I can levitate if called upon and if I cannot - I should certainly not announce it ...

  4. Confucius say everyone games their Yoga resumes.

    Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.

  5. Teaching Mysore is overrated. Everyone acts like it's a prize or something. And then they ruin their bodies. I've thrown out my back not once but twice helping stiff heavy people stand up from backbend because other teachers had done it with them and they expected it from me, too. Worth it? I don't think so.

  6. Anonymous10:30 PM

    not to mention the dozens of students you squeeze, lift, contort, pull & push over a period of years, only to advance them enough to leave you in favor of "showing off" their practices in another one of the half a dozen mysore studios in the city, without even such a "thanks" to you.i must remember not to get attached to the fruits of my labor!

  7. If they (your students) move on, it means you've done a good job. Non-attachment....