Wednesday, November 01, 2006


We were having tea and toast at the Soho home PSG, the Glasgow-born writer and director of musical theater. The sun was streaming in through the window, the conversation was animated, and the tea, as usual, was exquisite. At a one point PSG was asked if there were any good shows to see in NYC, either on or off Broadway.

He fetched the day's wrinkled newspaper from the couch and returned to the table. Standing, he noisily paged through it until he found the entertainment section. He scanned it a moment and then pulled his head back. He jabbed his finger at the paper with each word and declared, in his thick Scottish accent:

"Shite, shite, shite and shite."

Apparently the only good theater in town was being performed off-off-off (and off) Broadway -- for a very exclusive audience indeed.

And I have video of it.


  1. It's all 'shite' these days.

  2. dreyfuss' hippy musician friend11:30 AM

    "Exquisite Tea" was the name of my psyche band in the 60's.