Saturday, November 18, 2006


It is freezing cold here.

Yet both air conditioners are still in the windows, letting in more cold air.

In the past few years the landlord has sent his workers to remove them (so that he could save on heating costs of course).

But not this year.

I can't do it myself because of my bad back. Plus one of them is just too damn heavy.

I can't call anyone because everyone I know either has a bad back or is estranged from me or both.

Maybe I can hold out all winter.

After all, layers are in this year.


  1. drefuss' handyman7:08 AM

    I have neither a bad back nor think of us as estranged, and yet you didn't ask me help with your a/c units. Odd.

  2. how about plastic sheeting and tape...

  3. Give them a swift kick and away they go. Check to see there is no one below that you like, first.

  4. Instead of the yoga you are using, you should try weight training?
    Then you could grab those air condition units and throw them around like they were a piece of toast.
    Stop being a little girl.
    There are no little girls in Austria.
    I am Ahrnold, damnitt!
    I am available to train chicks.
    I am Ahrnold, damnitt!

  5. gridlifes' fitness guru3:47 PM

    I will advise gridlife to come over and stow away those air coolers.
    He needs the exercise.