Friday, May 04, 2007


That's right; I'm going to a Cubs baseball game this afternoon (it's for work, OK?) and to see the Dalai Lama speak at Millennium Park on Sunday (technically also for work, since I somehow managed to score a single press ticket).

Somewhere in there I'm going to teach four yoga classes -- including Sunday Mysore at YogaNow.

Only in Chicago....

And I also might just try to sneak away from writing my teacher training essays to see Mother Meera.

Which reminds me. Last night I saw David Kodeski's utterly rivting solo theater piece Another Lousy Day, which is based on a pair of personal diaries from 1960-1961 he found at the massive, ramshackle Andersonville thrift store that used to be where Charlie's Ale House now stands. He's performing the piece next week at a gay theater festival in Dublin. But if you are interested at all in Chicago history -- the diary writer was a single woman who lived with her father near Bridgeport and worked at the Zenith factory on the West Side, where she helped assemble the very first color television sets -- tonight is your last chance to see it (that means YOU, Gridlife).

June 26: Another lousy day. Went to our new jobs on colored TV and are they ever awful and feel like I'm in Siberia. I asked Mike a couple of times about the controls and later on he called me over and showed me a book about a Baptist. He was so cute. Went to bed late.

Every time she used the term "lousy" -- which was often; days are lousy, nights are lousy, movies are lousy, work is lousy, etc. -- Kodeski rang a bell.

The bell rang so often you started to wait for it. When another adjective was used -- such as "awful" -- there was no bell, and it was a little disappointing; sort of like when you want to sneeze and cannot.

After the show, like two old people, SMacky and I sipped herbal tea at Uncommon Ground.

When it came time to pay, the unshaven young waiter waved his hand.

"This one's on me," he said. "I've had a really, really bad night."

I immmediately perked up.

"Was it a really LOUSY night?"

He agreed that yes, it had been quite lousy....


...and received a very nice tip indeed.

So....Even if the term "solo theater" scares you, you'll love Another Lousy Day; Kodeski uses tons of props, making it seem more like a show-and-tell than carefully-crafted Art. It's at 8 at the Live Bait Theatre, 3914 N. Clark. Details here.

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