Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I wore these Dalai Lama red Be Present crops and the accompanying polka-dotted socks to Dharma's noon class on Friday. I had no idea of the effect until Catesey showed me this snap. I looked positively batty. But not to him. "It's New York City and you fit right in." Indeed.

I called Dreyfus a little awhile ago and asked him to guess what I was doing tonight. He already knew -- and had commented to that effect on my last post: The Cubs-Mets game at Shea of course.

Last night's trip to Williamsburg was indeed *interesting* but not dangerous. The band was of course still recording but I was quite content to sit and read It's Here Now Are You while they went through it again and again.

Finally we left and had an exquisite dinner at Marlowe & Son, which is part import grocer, part hipster bar, part coffee shop and part gourmet restaurant in a rustic little wood building. The food was AMAZING and I'm no gourmand. In fact I recently read in Sivananda's Science of Pranayama that yoga is not for gluttons and epicureans. But this food was GOOD. Not that I'm attached to ever going back. We had a soup made of some tangy, dark green leek-spinach hybrid called Ramp -- which seems made up but apparently not. Tangy and dark green; that's for me. I also had some Ramp-topped gnocci. I don't even like gnocci but the veg. options were few and it was of course suprisingly amazing. We ate this in the corner of the candle-lit store-part in front of the restaurant, and at one point a man with very good hair walked over and grabbed an eight-pack of English muffins off the shelf above us.

At some point I noticed a dog curled up between two very pretty women at the table of ten next to us. It was tiny but had the biggest ear-span I've ever seen on a pooch. Kai asked about the dog and it turned out it was something Swedish as was the group; apparently we'd been sitting next to the famous band Blonde Redhead all night.

And today I went to Dharma's class and finally felt like my old self. It was swamped and sweaty. He showed me a couple of new tricks and said a couple of very important things, which I may or may not have heard correctly:

-Copy the teacher (this followed a story about a Zen master who told his students that he would stop talking and teaching; some of them left but others stayed on and simply copied him). Of course Dharma tells it much better than that.

-If you have an injury, let it rest for a week. If it doesn't heal, eat only watermelon for one week and it will improve.

-I also learned what he said to me at graduation -- without even having to ask.


  1. h my, that shoe & sock combo is something, but I'm not sure just what that something is.

    Unique, perhaps?

  2. "yoga is not for gluttons and epicureans"

    hmm. perhaps i should stop doing yoga. or stop loving food?