Saturday, October 06, 2007


Amma says that, "Instead of giving up when things are difficult, we should hold onto God’s feet more tightly."

Apparently this is one of those times, at least according to the cover of today's Chicago Sun-Times.

But why are these folks praying?

Is it because America is involved in two expensive wars that have killed, displaced, orphaned and maimed thousands of people - and created millions of new enemies?

Because the state of Illinois just cut humanities funding?

Because Cook County is considering raising the sales tax to 11 percent?

Because Chicago is facing a CTA crisis?


Is it because Curb Your Enthusiasm really sucks this season?


It's because Cubs blew their first two playoff games and are thisclose to yet another losing season.

Whatever it takes, I guess.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe they were praying the Bears would beat the Packers?

    They did, btw.

    As for the
    Cubs, they have, yet again, lived up to their 'lovable losers'

    They choked, they still suck.

    But I luv Wrigley field.

    Go figure.

    How about that Chicago Marathon debacle?

    I wonder if the IOC (Olympic) selection people
    were watching how that worked out?