Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Today was the opposite of last Tuesday.

This morning I practiced with Bindi and the Machine. It was difficult to breathe in the room and I lost half my body weight in sweat and flipped over no fewer than four times in Mukta Hasta Sirsasana C (a difficult headstand) before nearly vomiting during unassisted dropbacks. In fact I lost my new gold nose-pin somewhere along the way and didn't even notice until hours later.

I also taught a class, met a deadline, dealt with editorial inquiries, wrote a rough draft, napped for two hours and read another chapter of Kim - which, warts and all, is one of the best books about India I've ever read.

Then I went to bhangra class, where I sweated out the other half of my body weight and even seemed to be getting down a few of the moves before I ruined everything by pulling a leg muscle while "hopping," or jumping from standing to a deep squat and back up over and over again.

When I got home I rubbed black seed oil on the leg before eating twice my weight in delicious Indian carryout.

And now, I'm ready for bed.


  1. i thought you did not want help. and we did not find your nosering. i'm sorry.

  2. i got this nose pin on line years ago and i love it. it's small and never moves when you blow your nose :)
    here's the link...