Sunday, February 24, 2008


Thank G-d for hairdressers.....

This vegetarian restaurant reviewer for YOGA/Chicago recently learned that Evanston is home to a new vegan soul food restaurant, which opened at the end of last month.

It's by the wonderful people who do Soul Vegetarian East on the South Side - which means they're serving some of the the tastiest, most comforting vegan food in the whole wide world.

(In fact the title for my review of the old place was Soul Vegetarian East; Decadent Vegan Cuisine (That’s not an Oxymoron) .

The new place is called Life, and it's at 1601 Simpson St. in Northweast Evanston (847-869-6379). They're open Sunday - Thursday 6AM-9PM, Fridays from 6-3 and Saturdays from 6PM-12AM (it's run by the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, and hence they're closed on the Shabbat).

I can't wait to go.

More here and here.


The image is not their menu, but that of a similar establishment.

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