Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Part of our homework for Dharma Mittra's teacher training involves teaching free yoga classes.

Last Tuesday I started a series of four Dharma Mittra Level I classes in Oak Park.

During the class, I play a CD of Sanskrit devotional music - just as they do at Dharma's NYC studio.

Ten people came; one was brand-new to yoga, while others were hardcore ashtangis who'd taken the previous primary series class.

Apparently the ashtangis liked the chance to slow down, if you believe their feedback forms.

Among the things they liked:

"Slow moving"




"Being able to close eyes"

"The fluid nature of the movements"

"Holding the poses for longer"

"Different poses from my usual class"

"The simplicity and ease of each pose"

"Could do poses at whatever level you were comfortable"

"The opportunity to close my eyes and focus inwardly."

One of the newbies actually blogged about it; her post is here.

For more info on the free class click here.

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