Saturday, February 02, 2008


1. If you're out walking and you come across a car that is stuck and spinning its wheels, stop and offer help. Do not keep walking.

2. If it's the day after a heavy snow and no one has shoveled yet and you're a big, strong man wearing big, strong weatherproof boots and walking on a narrow footpath and you see someone coming towards you from the other direction, give way. Do not turn it into a game of snow-chicken.

3. If you are shoveling out your car, do not be a lazy sod and throw the snow into the street. This creates a hazard for everyone and makes you the worst kind of civic bad sport. Even if you are a petite person with zero upper body strength and no hat or gloves and a massive sense of entitlement, the snow belongs between the sidewalk and the curb.

4. If you shovel out a parking space on the street, it is not yours to keep. No matter how hard you worked, the street is public property. No. More. Dibs.

5. If you shovel an extra spot, there will be space for everyone - including the elderly humplimpett down the hall. Plus you will receive extra credit in your karmic bank account.


  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    those paw-print shots are uber-cute!

  2. Anonymous11:09 PM

    You take 2 hours to shovel out your driveway and the moment you finish shoveling a city plower decides to use your driveway as a snow deposit. Remember, shoveling is a free workout.

    Abhor a vaccum nature does!

  3. Out in the suburbs we have a thing called a snowblower, and or a tractor with a plow.

  4. Kirby looks like he is having some cat fun.