Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The teacher training was exhausting.

It is not easy to endure 15-hour days (with no breaks) when you are well, let alone fighting a ear-throat-sinus infection.

On Thursday afternoon I learned I was teaching a (public) 10AM Level II class the following day.

On Thursday evening Group B was given a short break, so we checked into the hotel. Just before leaving my head started to throb. By the time I got to the hotel it was a full-blown migraine, and I was nauseous in addition to being sick, dizzy, and in ear pain.

I did not go back to the training that night.

I slept.

And then I went and ate at Angelica Kitchen and got some food to go for the following (breakless) day. The headache was still there.

The next day I still felt awful.

Yet when 10AM rolled around I went forth and taught - with the mental help of my teachers and classmates.

Apparently it was a pretty good class.

The focus this weekend was on the yoga sutras, taught by the wonderful Edwin Bryant. The long (four hour?) sessions were even attended by an NYC ashtanga studio co-owner whom I remember seeing in Mysore last year (of course she did not remember me. They never do).

I didn't start feeling better until Saturday night's Maha Sadhana (a three-hour class with Dharma that includes pranayama, chanting, and various Psychic Development techniques).

Sunday's three back-to-back-classes were doable - although I was still dizzy and tired. I think I've had this ear infection for months - which would explain the ear pain that never went away - and it's not leaving quietly.

Of course my plane home was delayed. Only 45 minuts this time.

On Monday I was so tired I was nauseous.

We'll see how today goes.....

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  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Welcome back,sorry you have been sick. Lily had an ear infection too.We missed you at the movie!