Monday, March 03, 2008


I saw the doctor today.

She said I have an ear infection and a throat infection that are rapidly mushrooming into a sinus infection.

She gave me a 'scrip for some medication.

I asked the assistant if she would phone in the presciption so I wouldn't have to wait in a long line.


I drove to Pharmacy A.

One person was in line ahead of me.

He did not know which prescription he needed to fill.

After several minutes the pharmacist told him she could not decide for him.

She said she would print out a list of the medications he's taking, and he could choose from the list.

I as so feverish and fatigued at this point that I sat down on the floor.

Ten minutes later the pharmacist produced a list for him.


He took it and skulked off.

Then it was my turn.

I scraped myself up off the floor, and leaned on the counter.

First the pharmacist clarified the spelling of my name.

Then she wrote down my date of birth.

Only then did she tell me that the computer was down, and it would be "at least a few hours" before my prescription was filled.

I said I'd go elsewhere, and fled.

Now, I had the chills.....

I drove two miles to Pharmacy B.

Four people were in line ahead of me.

After five minutes the line hadn't moved, so I sat down on the floor. I was feverish again.

Five minutes later the line still had not moved.

I scraped myself up off the floor, made my way out of the store and got in my car.

I drove three miles to Pharmacy C.

There was no line.

But the pharmacist could not find my name in the computer.

I told her several different ways to spell it.

Finally she located it.

"Twenty minutes," she said.

During that 20 minutes I learned that my only possible sub for tonight's class cannot cover for me, as she is suffering from the same infection I have.

(I also learned that the silver ballet flats I like are on sale for just $14.99).

Twenty minutes later I went back and voila! the scrip was filled. For $37.00. Out of pocket.

Now, if only I could muster the energy to find subs for tomorrow's four classes.

I actually got a note from the doctor saying that I cannot teach today or tomorrow.

I should also have gotten her to write that "The above named is far too sick to make scores of stress-inducing sub calls and should stay in bed and rest."

Oh, to have a normal job where one simply calls in sick and is paid for taking the day off and does not have to find subs and has insurance and the visit to the doctor is a simple $10 copay......

Of course that normal job wouldn't allow for endless teacher trainings and regular trips to India, would it?


  1. I true :-/ I now have insurance, and I'm sitting here a bit overwhelmed with my bosses micromanaging and high unreasonable expectations.

    But then, when I do decide to get ready for India, I guess I can make all the necessary doctor visits prior...

    Feel better.

  2. Move to Germany!!! There are so many Apotheke (pharmacies) that there is never a reason to wait, and they usually fill my prescriptions before I've figured out how to ask for them in Deutsch.

  3. i'm sorry you're ill; i've gone through my own bout and now seem to be well. however, the $10 copay is history. at the doctor the copay is $30. at the pharmacy, the copay depends on the prescription. the more expensive the prescription, the higher the copay. it's not unusual for it to be $45.