Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Today I flew to New York for the last weekend of Dharma Mittra's 500-hour teacher training.

This is the first time in four months that my flight out wasn't canceled.

This was the first time I took United (rather than American).

Their terminal is more posh, with a much better layout (they are, after all, our home town airline).

Their security labyrinth is efficient and, dare I say, easy to navigate.

Their air hostesses are pleasant.

The TVs on the plane didn't work. That's OK - I amused myself with Satchidananda's translation of the Yoga Sutras.

Apart from the TV, it was a very nice flight indeed.

Of course I had been prepared to spend the day at the airport. Again.

Therefore when I got to NYC I didn't know what to do with myself.

So I called my local friends - none of whom I've seen over the past four months because of the cancellations and delays.

Afterwards I did a little sitting practice.

I called around for subs for Memorial Day weekend (yes, I'm planning to go to Guruji's shala opening in Florida. Apparently he and Saraswati are going, and Sharath is staying in Mysore).

Then I went to Tasti D-Lite and got online, to see if my editor needed to get ahold of me (she didn't).

So far it's been an auspicious beginning.

I'm crossing my fingers that the rest of the looooooooooooong weekend (15-hour days) is equally pain-free.

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