Thursday, May 01, 2008


I just can't get enough of this (as long as I turn off the volume).

Maybe because it's proof that yoga really is magic - as long as you stick with it.

The backstory: After knee surgery for some Army injuries went bad, Arthur Boorman ballonned up to 340 pounds - and needed back and knee braces and a cane to walk. Fourteen months ago he started exercising with yoga tapes, finally ordering "Yoga For Regular Guys" by former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. He changed his diet and stuck with the pratice, and now weighs 156 - and can sprint.

From an article in Boorman's hometown newspaper:

Mr. Page has created three fitness DVDs and has written a book on his Yoga for Regular Guys program. YRG is a "ramped-up power yoga," Mr. Boorman said.

Mr. Boorman filled out what he thought was a form, but later got a blistering phone lecture from Mr. Page himself.

"He said to me, 'You're gonna die! You're gonna leave your wife a widow and your kids without a dad!' He chewed me out," recalled Mr. Boorman.

The former wrestler offered to send a customized eating plan. He made Mr. Boorman promise to follow it. For breakfast he now eats a liquid oatmeal. Lunch consists of fruit or vegetable juice and some raw nuts. For supper, he eats steamed vegetables or salad, gluten-free pasta and, because he is now a vegetarian, a meat replacement instead of meat. He doesn't count calories.

"Food is the fuel that allows me to enjoy things in life," said Mr. Boorman, commenting on the social customs that have developed around eating. "We worship food. I had to let that go."

"There's more fruits in the house," moaned [his son] Eric.

"The fridge is packed with natural foods," added Warren [another son].

"My sons have to be untrained from my years of setting a bad example," Mr. Boorman said.

Those sons made the video.

And Dad now teaches Yoga for Regular Guys.

No word yet on if he's dealt with his workaholic tendencies.


  1. roselil6:47 PM

    Thx for publishing this one - nice one viewing

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Wow! That is amazing. What an inspiration!

  3. That is very uplifting, thanks for sharing it.

  4. i third the thanks for sharing. i learn so much here. last year you turned me on to flight of the concords :p

  5. Hey, thanks! One of the best You Tube pcs I've seen.