Friday, November 14, 2008


My journalism mentor, former Sun-Times TV/radio columnist Robert Feder, did his first TV appearance EVER tonight on WTTW-Channel 11's "Friday Night."

Despite many offers, not once during his 28 years critiquing local media for the Chicago Sun-Times did he appear on TV or radio. A journalist with actual integrity, he considered it a conflict of interest to appear on the media he was paid to cover. As he put it in tonight's interview, it would be akin to Sun-Times drama critic Hedy Weiss getting onstage to perform in a play - and then critiquing it.

Rob never accepted gifts or a single free meal - unheard of for a reporter in this town.

And although interviewer John Calloway tried to goad him into criticizing his contemporaries for taking freebies and appearing on the air, Rob wasn't having it. He simply said that he made the choices that were appropriate for him.

He came off as articulate, kind, charming, humble, honest, forthright, funny, and fearless, not to mention full of fortitude and steeped in sattva - which are all the qualities of a great yogi.

How fortunate I've been to be guided by him.

You can hear the entire interview here.

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