Monday, November 03, 2008


On Friday, which was unseasonably warm, I met friends for a South Indian lunch of thali, vada and uttapam at Udupi Palace on Devon Avenue. Then I met Kirti for our annual trip to shop for Lakshmi coins. During Diwali, the Hindu new year, it is auspicious to purchase these coins and pray to the goddess Lakshmi.

Only a few places had gold coins this year, which didn't bother me since I can only afford silver (the goddess definitely smiled upon me over the past year, but Dharma's teacher training and the trip to Mysore drained the coffers). It was fun to go from shop to shop and compare prices and try the prasad (blessed sweets) on offer.

After having a tender coconut, I brought an old printer/scanner to the house of a friend who lives just a block away. After enjoying some sweets, we strolled on Devon Avenue. By now the trick-or-treaters were out in full force, and it was delightful to watch. Each shop had a huge pile of candy to give out, and the kids were taking full advantage of their generosity and close proximity to each other (as were roving gangs of older kids in hoodies). We ended up having channa batura and another snack dish at Uru-Swati. The channa batura was nearly as good as at Sandeep restaurant in Tirumala, where we ate our first meal after the overnight train ride and looong queue for Balaji seva tickets just two months ago.

Saturday was my first day off in two weeks, and I had a long overdue massage - which will hopefully make the spine move the next time I see the chiro. I spent the remainder of the day recovering from said massage (when choosing a therapist, don't ask the manager to give you "the most sadistic one" and then ask said therapist to "attack the knots" unless you really mean it - which I did).

On Sunday I sold one of the six bikes in the collection, which includes three vintage Schwinns and a 1970s Cinelli. I sold the Monster Fat (a collector's item from the early 90s) to the person who'd talked me into buying it 17 years ago. I must say, it is not easy to get rid of things - even if it's going to a good home. Not easy at all.

But I'll keep doing it, because it has to be done.


Top photo was taken at noon today, at Lincoln/Belmont/Ashland.

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