Wednesday, December 03, 2008


What to do when The Man jacks up the rent another $110 per month?

(This is on top of April's $100-per-month raise, which comes to a $2500 or 40 percent annual increase this year).

The Bhagavad Gita says that a yogi regards equally a piece of gold or a stone.

“To the illumined man or woman, a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same.”

This would appear to be a stone.

At first glance, anyway.

Of course the DK's had a completely different take on things.


Tracy said...

wow...really?! rents are down here as there are so many available...
i guess we are good landlords...we have not raised the rent on our tenant. Just can't bring myself to do's all good!

Anonymous said...

that's crazy! i've never heard of such increases. did they forget to raise the rent for the last 10 years or something? wow.

C.K. said...

Yes and Yes.