Monday, December 29, 2008


Today's mail brought bankruptcy notices from two different employers*: Bally Total Fitness and the Chicago Tribune.

I quit the former last year.

I technically still free-lance for the latter, whose letter says that "Unfortunately, bankruptcy law prohibits us from making payments for many goods purchased or services provided prior to the filing date at this time."

Fortunately, they already paid for my October Chicago mag article about local reality TV show winners (for which I interviewed Stephanie Izard days after she won Top Chef, as well as supermodel Jaslene Gonzalez, biggest loser Bernie Salazar, Gina Glocksen from American Idol, Tamara Hill Garner from What Not to Wear, and - my favorite - the salty grandfather-and-grandson-team (Nicholas and Don) from 2007's Amazing Race).

Interestingly, everyone said the same thing in terms of advice for would-be contestants: Be yourself.

Which sounded quite yogic to me.


*The parent company of the Chicago Reader - where my byline appeared for over a decade - has also filed for bankruptcy protection.

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