Monday, December 22, 2008


Normally on Mondays I do a fruit fast; watermelon in the warm weather, and pineapple / oranges in the winter.

But not when the windchill is -30, as it has been yesterday and today.

It's so cold, the chimney smoke is blowing horizontal....

It's so cold, I've unearthed the long underwear, snowmobile gloves, down jacket and Sorel boots.

It's so cold, the city is taking old people and their pets to warming centers.

It's so cold, even the style-conscious Dorian Black wore a hat yesterday.

It's so cold, no one is coming to class (yesterday there was exactly one student at the 10am class - and the hardy fellow jogged there!).

So instead of fruit-only, I'll try instead for a a day of liquids; of fresh juice, Dharma's breakfast blend (sprouted raw almonds, banana, and apple cider) and soup.

* * *

Apparently it is also too cold to shop today.

The post office was nearly empty.

There was a parking place right in front of the store I grudgingly had to visit at the busy Clark / Diversey shopping area.

(Somehow, though, it's not too cold to urinate al fresco)

And there was exactly one other customer at Old Navy, where I was obliged to purchase a gift card.

There was even rock star parking in front of the Middle Eastern Bakery in Andersonville.

If only it hadn't been necessary to scrape ice off the insides of the windows each and every time I got into the car.....


  1. You are brave to be out and about, Cara! My car has been resistant to my leaving the house, and I've been stuck so far twice in the snow this weekend. I had taken to driving around with a shovel in my passenger seat. :)

  2. I have a shovel in the passenger seat (it was a Thanksgiving gift from Dreyfus). I used it to dislodge the car on Friday - when the snow was super wet and heavy (and still coming down).

  3. Anonymous10:39 PM

    it is sunny with nice breeze here in gokulam....