Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I am here. Now.

As in, the new apartment.

It was hell to get here. But as my teacher says when describing sattva (purity, peace, knowledge), what is poison in the beginning becomes nectar in the end.

As for the poison....

While throwing out some trash the night before the move, I met another long-time tenant - and learned that she too was moving on Saturday. At the same time. And the landlord never told us. We were both glad to be getting away from that person.

The movers - Four Hung-Over Guys and a Truck - showed up an hour late on Saturday. Nonetheless they managed to move ninety-two boxes and assorted furniture to the new apartment in just under five hours - in spite of several falls down the slippery stairs at both places. At the end, the head Guy said it was the most organized move he'd ever worked (I didn't ask how many moves he'd actually done).

Dreyfus, Mrs. Dreyfus and PKB were also instrumental in making the move a success. Dreyfus and PKB moved two van-loads of stuff to the new place. The second trip featured a mattress and dining room table strapped legs-up to the roof of the family van - which must have been quite a sight.

Mrs. Dreyfus helped with everything, and singlehandedly cleaned the rather dirty new kitchen and unpacked three rooms and one closet and countless other things. She is a dynamo and an inspiration to all.

Mr. Dreyfus installed the smoke detectors and escape rope, and fell down the stairs while throwing out garbage.

All of us starved while waiting for the cable guy - who never came.

Finally we gave up and had a wonderful, hard-earned feast at Uru-Swati.

* * *

But I'm here now.

There are trees outside the apartment's many windows - seven of which face south.

There are tender coconuts down the street.

There are so many rooms I wander about, not knowing where to go.

There is a room just for yoga - a large living room with a giant fireplace altar and windows that face west.

There's a large, sunny room just for guests.

There's a long hallway that's a huge hit with the cat.

And it is QUIET. I had my best night of sleep since Scotland here.

But it also has been a bit cold.

On the first two days the temperature inside hovered around 64 degrees.

Things improved yesterday, when I realized that the downstairs neighbor had left his window open when he moved out, and got permission to close it. No wonder the floor was so cold!

Tonight, the landlord will come and try to help me close the bedroom window, which has been painted open.

In the meantime I purchased some warm slippers, and a beanie to wear while performing asana.

There is also a special hat (crocheted by me) and a hand-knit poncho (made by Munkin) for sitting practice.

It is a bit like being in the Himalayas, minus the cave.

Plus there is a massive icicle right outside the kitchen window.

PKB dubbed it my own private icicle.

As far as I can tell, it is not in the shape of a Shiva lingam or any other sacred symbol.


Fortunately, winter is temporary....

....just like everything else on this plane.


Photos show the giant icicle outside the kitchen window. I suppose it is a bit phallic, at least in this shot. What do *you* think it looks like?


  1. All I know is I am glad you posted. I have been waiting a bit impatiently for news of the move.
    Love to you xoxoxo

  2. it looks like a long leg of a ballerina on point. the place sounds great. and you can fit more cats...

  3. Your new home sounds beautiful. I hope unpacking goes well.

  4. One of the reasons I moved here is because the owner loves cats - which the old landlord's wife has banned from the building (she took over management of the building last year. Her husband, the original landlord, loved cats - and was one of the kindest, most sattvic people I've ever come across).

  5. Ooh, congratulations on the new place!

  6. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Glad your move went okay! I'll never forget when we moved into our house and the former owners had taken the shower heads with them!