Friday, January 30, 2009


Today I dropped off a few things at the bright, quiet, spacious, freezing cold (as in 62 degrees fahrenheit) new apartment.

The man in the unit below was in the process of moving out, via the front stairs.

The woman in the garden apartment was moving in, via the back stairs.

Tomorrow it is my turn.

Today, I'll finish packing.

Tonight, Kirby and I will have our final slumber in the small, noisy, overheated apartment I've called home for over 15 years.

Tomorrow, I'll leave the place that helped get me through graduate school, a journalism career, four yoga teacher trainings, five trips to India, a major depression and the death of both parents (not to mention the cat Fritzka).

Tomorrow, I'll move out of the place I've been fearful of leaving (you have to remember that before this I lived in an illegal basement firetrap with a ceiling so low I could not stand up in the bathroom).

Tomorrow, I'll give up the phone number I've had for 21 years.

Tomorrow, I'll move from tamas (inertia) to sattva (a state of harmony, balance, joy and intelligence).

At least that's the hope.

Not that we're attached to it or anything.



While packing I've been listening to the soundtrack for the upcoming Hindi movie Delhi-6, scored by Golden Globe-winning composer A.R. Rahman. It's absolutely wonderful, and you can hear it for free here. It's especially fitting since I'm moving to Chicago's Little India neighborhood. Thanks to Big B for the head's-up.

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