Friday, March 06, 2009


Number of people who helped (paid) on day of move: 4

Number of people who helped (unpaid) on day of move: 3

Number of people who helped (unpaid) before, during and after move: countless

Cost: $390 plus tips, boxes, tape, food, etc.

Distance: 33 blocks

Stairs: 3rd floor to 3rd floor

Size of truck: 15'

Number of boxes: 92

Number of times someone fell down stairs: 3? 4? 5?

Bones broken: 0

Items broken: 3

Lawsuits threatened: 0

Rooms and closets unpacked by Mrs. Dreyfus: 6

Hours spent waiting for cable guy who never came: 4

Number of years in old apartment: 15

At the address before that: 7

Number of years with old phone number: 22

Number of days old number worked at new address: 10

Number of calls to RCN to beg for it back: 5

Number of curt refusals: 5

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