Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We are eleven days into the longest, hardest month of the year, and people are already losing it.

(If you don't believe me, you can hear my classic public radio essay about how much March sucks here).

So far there have been three shooting rampages - in Illinois, Alabama, and Germany.

Most of the people I know are miserable. The minds are dull and depressed. There are aches and pains. Everything is difficult.

But in India, people of all backgrounds celebrate the coming of spring with the festival of Holi, or colors - where people make merry and throw colored powder on each other.*

It seems to work as a way to let off steam right before the infernal vernal equinox.

Perhaps we chould figure out some similar form of institutionalized deviance here in the west -- preferably something that does not involve drinking, basketball, guns or dying the river green.

Any ideas?


*Sadly some bad men use use Holi as an excuse to Eve-tease, or fondle unsuspecting women. That would have to be outlawed, although it shouldn't be that much of a problem here in the west - where the women are just as likely to Adam-tease right back.


  1. napper12:27 AM

    H came hom with a red neck at his college, some kids were actually asking me if I wanted color powder thrown on me, I said no, with a smile. The kids in my neibourhood(gokulam) had a blast with it all day long carrying a small bag of color powder.

  2. I was prepared to retaliate if anyone threw holi powder on me but alas no one did. And I was out and about. I looked enviously at the (mostly young) guys who were covered head to toe with bright color.

    Unfornately, I too have succumbed to the March malaise. In India.

    Fun picture!

  3. Bindi and I wore old clothes as advised on Holi 2004 but alas! no one threw anything on us.