Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'm working on an article about cool green products - such as To-Go Ware's bamboo utensil set, Snow Peak's titanium silverware (below), and Detours' Toocan Juicy urban utility pannier (above).

Do you have a favorite green product or service?

If so, please send it my way.


  1. I love my laptop lunches bento box: and in the same vein, want to get a washable sandwich wrap mat: as an alternative to the plastic baggie.

    Also, my Jade Yoga Mat ( and Lush bath products (!

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    maybe you can explain how titanium is green?

  3. titanium utensils are green because plastic utensils are not.

    how about recycled plastic tongue scrapers by preserve? keep it fresh!

  4. Titanium utensils are green in the sense that you use them instead of plastic. I've "saved" countless plastic knives, forks and spoons since carrying my own (first Snow Peak, until I lost each piece one by one, and now the To-Go Ware - which is a third of the price).

  5. Even greener than buying new green stuff is buying used (and local.) Strictly in the realm of home decor, I like Scout (, the Broadway Antique market (, and some of my favorite mismatched bakelite-handled silverware has been purchased from the Salvation Army (various locations). Scout is a bit higher-end, but his repurposing of items is inspiring. From the Broadway Antique market I have purchased little jadite food/fridge storage containers that were the precursors to tupperware.

  6. how about eating with your hands?

  7. Thank you-all for the wonderful ideas!

    Bindi - it's hard to scoop out coconut meat with your grubs. A titanium spoon, on the other hand - ....